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Antony Slumbers

Director - Real Innovation Academy/Estates Today

The UK’s leading transformation technology strategist for Real Estate


I advise the Boards of commercial real estate institutions, developers and professional services companies on the impact of new technologies on the real estate industry, and the opportunities this brings. From how technology is changing the nature of demand, to the changes that will bring about in the nature of supply, operations and business models.

All my work is based on creating new sources of value and avoiding value destruction. Technology can and does do both.

The real estate sector is changing very fast and very dramatically. What worked in the past most likely will not work in the future. Over a 5-10 year timeframe it is likely the industry will look very different.

I have started and run several real estate software companies (on my own and as joint ventures with FTSE 100 companies) and have been entirely web based since 1995. I have in depth technology expertise as well as in depth real estate knowledge.

I can help with strategy, innovation, product development and project management.

I work short and long term with clients. From a few hours advisory to on-going engagement.

Currently I am focusing closely on #SpaceAsAService and Artificial Intelligence, the two trends that I believe will have the greatest impact on the market in the next few years.

I speak at events internationally, write regularly for leading trade magazines, blog at antonyslumbers.com and tweet at @antonyslumbers.